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Welcome! Please explore this website to gather self-improvement information & education. Personal growth product/program recommendations utilizing the most beneficial principles, methods, & tools in the personal development industry. Research, purchase &/or download book, eBook, CD, DVD, software, seminar, webinar,  website, audio & video educational program recommendations involving Law Of  Attraction, Meditation, Brainwave Entrainment, Affirmations, Visualization,  Manifestation,  Hypnosis, Physical Fitness/Nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meridian Tapping (EFT), Subliminal Messaging, Energy Healing & more.

My goal is to help people by providing the personal development related information/education required to strengthen skills in major areas of human success ; personal, interpersonal, mental, physical, financial & spiritual.  All recommended products & programs have been pre-screened, researched, used or tested by myself or a trusted colleague.

To get additional product information or purchase any recommended products/programs scroll to bottom of each page banners or visit the “Recommended Products” page, click on banners.

Thank you for discovering, researching, & purchasing self-improvement products & programs through the Personal Development Store. Your visit is much appreciated.

Please consider me a personal development consultant as we journey down lifes path to happiness, success & enlightenment together.

Kind Regards,

Scott Reed         Owner & Personal Development Consultant.

Scott studied Psychology & Business @ Illinois State University & is a self-employed small business entrepreneur, certified Life Coach & Hypnotist, NLP & Law Of Attraction Practitioner based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He has over 30 years experience in the small business & personal development industries, currently owns & operates 3 businesses.

Email ;  scott@personal-development-store.com


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Affiliate Disclosure ; Any product/program we advertise, endorse or recommend, has been evaluated by myself or a trusted colleague.  Individual results are unique and will vary. As part of the endorsement, I may receive compensation.

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