Manifesting :

Relax. Find some time that you can spend totally alone in a quiet environment, breath deep, relax your mind and focus only on positive energy.  We all have mind blockages that stop us from manifesting our positive thoughts. These mind blockages usually come in the form of negative thought forms and past belief systems. Focus on letting these go, only allowing in positive thoughts and opening your spiritual mind.  Once you are feeling relaxed, positive and open, it is now time to start manifesting.

Picture what it is that you want to manifest in your life. Maybe it is a certain object, maybe it is a state of being, or perhaps it is a new job, relationship or emotion that you wish to feel. Imagine whatever it is that you are wanting to manifest in your life right now… see it, feel it and focus on it. Now imagine that you have already accomplished your goal. Imagine the feeling of knowing you have already accomplished it and see yourself living that manifestation.

Keep focusing on the good feelings that come along with accomplishing your goals and manifesting your desires until you truly see it and feel it. Make sure to use only positive thoughts when you focus on this. It is really important not to use any negative words at all. You want to keep your focus on the positive manifestation.  Linger on your positive feelings for awhile and keep imagining that your manifestation is real and that it is happening right now.

Now speak aloud exactly how you achieved your goals. How did you manifest your reality?

Believe in yourself and believe that you have already conquered your goals. Feel it with all your heart and keep using only positive words.

To manifest your dreams you can make use of power of the subconscious mind. Our mind has structured layers and the different features of the mental world are influenced by this when these structures combine together. Some of the names that are given to the mind are unconscious, subconscious and conscious minds. The weakest amongst the mind is the conscious mind which barely has any influence over your mind. The strongest amongst these is the unconscious mind and it is also considered as most powerful. If there are any changes that take place at this level, a major influence will be seen in your life.

Now let’s move on to fulfillment of dreams with the power of mind manifestation. To be able to fulfill your dreams our minds must be manifested towards that direction. Beginning with clarity of what is desired, to working towards achieving those desires, all this can be achieved with the help of manifestation in our minds. The three layers of the mind should be arranged in a way such as all our dreams and thoughts begin moving towards the direction of fulfillment. When we structure our minds like this, actual changes take place in our minds. In fact if there is any kind of change to be brought about it must first begin in our mind to be manifested in reality.

You need to be clear about your wishes and the goal set for yourself. If you keep striving to achieve something without any purpose, then this will only lead to a failure. When you set your goals it is essential to move towards one goal at a time. It is natural that you cannot achieve all goals at once. So move in a progressive manner towards goal achievement. You must make use of every moment in your life. Don’t let the time be lost, so use every hour effectively. The most powerful thing that you need to do towards mind manifestation is to make every possible movement towards your goals. Your actions should be consistent and when this happens you make it into a habit. This daily action permits you to become more creative, well-organized and improves the chances of your goal achievement. Take action steps towards your goal everyday.

If you follow the above mentioned details thoroughly it will rapidly bring a transformation in your life and you will see your life move along an improvement path. These steps towards mind manifestation will gradually change your past behaviors and habits and with this there is a corresponding change in your layers of the mind which has an affect in the mental reality.

To summarise and put it simply you must work towards manifesting your mind to achieve your goals, wishes and ambitions in life. Set a clear vision and move towards achieving those in a systematic and organised manner. Break large goals into smaller steps and take action steps every day towards your goals.

If you want to manifest abundance in your life, you have to believe in it. Believe that you will get it. Believe with all of your being, your entire multi-dimensional self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The following 4 things that will help guide you in manifesting abundance:

1. If you want to manifest money then your goal in receiving and acquiring money must be very intense. Although sometimes you fail to notice it, the intention of wanting to have money will have an effect on the forces of the universe. When you want it so much, they will work on your behalf. At first you may think that nothing is happening but if you pay more attention, change is taking place.

2. Say your intention out loud with great intention and determination. You can say something as simple as “I am receiving money now according to the Divine Plan” and it is enough for the forces of the universe to act. Remember: You must say it with intention and belief.

3. When you have decided on what you want, say it over again for a number of times. The frequency will depend on how much you want it to happen. You can allot a number of times in a day to repeat your intention and make it a habit. Making it a habit will increase the energy around you. This is more than an affirmation, it is a command to the universe to deliver what you want.

4. Focus on your intention and believe. Never doubt – doubt is your enemy and will diminish your intentions. As you repeat your intention, believe that it will really happen. If there is doubt in your heart, manifesting will not fully happen. The most important part is to believe and feel that what you intend will truly happen. Think hard that money is coming to you even though you don’t know how.

Manifesting Abundance

The following five steps are adapted from Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ which is the most comprehensive and practical publication ever written on the secret to attracting prosperity.

1. Specify a defined objective ; You have to know precisely how much money you want to accumulate. Establish a definite goal to concentrate on and to create a step-by-step plan designed to acquire it. For instance, if your aim is to end up a being millionaire, establish one million dollars as your precise target, and don’t worry about exactly how you are going to get it done…that can come afterwards.

2. Specify a timeline for getting it ; Defining a timetable will help you to build a sense of urgency which will keep you from wasting time. Any kind of aspiration which does not have a final target time is at risk of becoming just that…a hope.

3. Identify your side of the bargain ; Regardless of what you are looking for out of your life, you will never receive anything for any definite length of time without being willing to provide something in exchange. Therefore, determine precisely what you will be willing to provide in return for the money that you want, and ensure it’s something which in turn you can be passionate about.

4. Make a master plan and begin, ready or otherwise ; A master plan will provide you with a targeted route to focus your time on. You need to make sure that you never get diverted by the numerous other items which could dilute your energy away from realising your goal. Once you produce your master plan, take note that it doesn’t have to be perfect to start with. An important factor is that you simply initiate action regardless of whether you are prepared or not, understanding that success will come about as a result of experiencing both what is working and what is not, and then modifying your master plan accordingly.

5. Copy it out and then ‘rehearse’ it twice a day ; This is the most important measure since it’s the method by which you engage your unconscious thoughts and recondition your mind to repeatedly opt for activities, ideas and beliefs which in turn direct you towards your target. The act of practicing your goal is one of the most crucial steps in the secret to attracting wealth. You can perform this by way of repeating the program aloud, making a vision board, watching mind movies, creative visualization, self hypnosis or any other way of making a vibrant picture of your goal – in fact, anything that provokes you into taking repeated steps toward obtaining it. It’s really that simple, and the earlier you get yourself started with this process the sooner you will be one of the few who has a good understanding of the secret to manifest money. Among the easiest and very valuable pieces of advice in regards to manifesting your desires is having a raging motivation to achieve it. Individuals who understand specifically what they aspire to accomplish, meditate upon it until eventually it results in being a burning desire. These people are bound to work out how to obtain it sooner or later. They are more inclined to recognize possibilities to pursue the subject of their motivation whenever those chances occur. But most important, they’re faster to pick themselves up and start again when they fail, which helps them to use failure as a valuable lesson towards success. Which means that the initial step towards making use of the Law of Attraction successfully is possessing a burning motivation along with a specific objective, whether it be to manifest financial abundance (by having an specific figure in mind), good health and fitness (once again, with a precise health objective or ultimate weight loss target) or indeed any other kind of ambition that they can develop into a burning desire.

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