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Physical fitness is an important aspect of personal development.  It facilitates several mental and physical benefits. A minimum of 30 minutes of physical exercise per day is recommended and should include stretching, cardiopulmonary and muscle maintenance/building components. Avoid long term cardiovascular endurance exercises like jogging which can actually be unhealthy and burn off hard earned muscle. It`s better to exercise in short bursts of high intensity rather than long lengths of low intensity. It`s also important to start out light and increase your efforts over time.

Before beginning any exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure it`s safe for you. Especially if you have had any health problems or your family has a history of heart trouble. Think of your exercise program as the leading edge of your use of your intelligence and strength of will to maintain fitness or change your body.

Calisthenics:  The best way to build real functional strength is to practice exercises that put your body through natural patterns of movement which build muscle, strengthen ligaments and tendons and lower the risk of injury. Calisthenics can be done anywhere, anytime, at home, in the office, require no equipment and can be performed in 10 minute bursts of energy. Try 30 minutes of lower body lunges, squats, squat leaps. Midsection crunches, planks, leg levers, scissors. Upper body push-ups, pull-ups, dips, or arm haulers.

Cardiopulmonary:  Start by trying walking, treadmill or elliptical machine for 30 minutes, broken up by rest periods as needed. Remember, short bursts of high intensity are better than long periods of low intensity exercise. The goal is to raise your heart rate to safe exercise level and maintain for 30 minutes.


Also, see “Recommended Products” page for programs that utilize physical fitness.

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 P.A.C.E.: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution






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