Law Of Attraction


      The Law Of Attraction (LOA) is one of the most powerful universal laws of nature and     is active on all planes of life from physical to spiritual.  It states that everything in our universe is comprised of energy that is attracted to other energy of similar vibrational frequency.

According to Science, Physics & Quantum Physics (which extends and corrects  flaws in Newtonian Physics at a atomic and subatomic level) everything in our universe is comprised of vibrating molecular electrically charged energy particles called  neutrons, protons and electrons. The sun, earth, moon, stars, atmosphere, land, rocks, trees, plants, water & animals, etc., are all complex combinations of  these molecular electrically charged energy particles vibrating at different frequencies, densities, shapes and forms.

According to Medical Science, Psychology & Metaphysics (the study of the relationship between mind & matter), the human body and brain are also comprised of similar vibrating molecular energy particles. The human brains thought process generates waves of energy that can be measured by an Electroencephalogram (EEG) machine, which meaures brain electrical activity.

The Law Of Attraction states that our minds produce energy, positive & negative thoughts & emotions that vibrate at different electrical frequencies.  Positive thoughts & emotions attract other positive thoughts & emotions of similar vibrational frequency. Negative thought & emotions attract other negative thoughts & emotions of similar vibrational frequency.  Humans attract thoughts, people, circumstances & situations to themselves depending on the vibrational frequency of their thoughts or emotions, positive or negative.

Thoughts, emotions & images in our minds will eventually manifest in our reality as everything a person has in their life currently has been attracted to them by their mind.  We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to, whether wanted or unwanted. Thoughts vibrational energy about what they believe, desire or fear, attracts to them things that resonate with those beliefs, desires or fears.  People are in sync with exactly what they believe about their lives. We can change the people, circumstances & situations in our lives by changing our thoughts & emotions, because like attracts like, we become what we think about.

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